What are we really taking pictures of?

As I post this next self image I wanted to share a few thoughts with those of you who have been here since the start of this series. As you all know this has been a journey of many awakenings for me both good and bad.

Today, I reached a milestone. I finally captured the true me not just another image but a portrait.  A portrait that tells the story of the woman and artist that is truly me. It is this amazing, surreal moment that I have been after for a long time. 

My eyes are open and the possibilities are endless, but for now I will just sit here and savor what I have just discovered.

Thursday, February 21 #self #2013 • 38 notes
  1. mrmoo8 answered: At peace for a moment great
  2. my-memory-palace said: Wonderful .
  3. northcountrygent answered: It’s the question most any artist faces. Are we taking pictures of pretty people and things or are we saying something? You say something.
  4. amchphotography answered: I’m so happy for you, Jamie!
  5. pixandum answered: savor away!
  6. eggboy69 answered: What are we taking pictures of? Who really knows? Our perception of reality? The fleeting skittering of photons which makes the picture??
  7. thesealivesinme answered: Congratulations!
  8. pocketchronicles answered: The suspense is killing me :)
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